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     The founders of Helping Hand Veterans Fund believe that the nation owes an immense debt of gratitude to all who served our country and it is incumbent upon all American citizens, independently of any government funds, to honor all our veterans with the essentials of a dignified standard of living where such is lacking.  The purpose of HHVF is to help provide essential services to veterans of all ages of all the armed forces of the USA.

     We will strive to develop the means to assist not only those newly returned warriors with transitional aid and training toward a meaningful, productive civilian life but also to provide our older veterans with the assistance required to maintain a dignified and healthy retirement.

     Helping Hand Veterans Fund will be there to provide, for all vets, services such as referrals, transportation, household assistance and, last but not least, companionship--with emphasis on those who are disabled.




Any U.S. military veteran (or family member) may apply for emergency assistance from HHVF.  For application form directly contact Roland C. Cartier, Jr. at 978-237-1487 or cartierroland@yahoo.com

We’re fortunate to live in this land of freedom and opportunity--liberties earned by the blood of heroes since the embattled farmer first resisted British oppression in 1775.   Many of those heroes made the ultimate sacrifice but there are many still among us that sacrificed much to the triumph of freedom and who are more than deserving of our gratitude.

Heroes Among Us



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(Most recent update: 7/20/2014)

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We have been delivering to nursing homes donated clothing and other useful items prepped into convenient tote bags for our elder or infirm veterans that they may know they are not forgotten.  If you wish to donate or know someone who needs this service contact Project Director Michelle Largay-Cartier at 978-237-1488 or michelle48fan@hotmail.com

"Thank you very much for all your help and support of our family during a very rough period.  Your generous gift of the baby stroller for our daughter is very much appreciated ... May God bless you all."

The McKennas

And these are the only kind of praises we seek...

"My oldest boy needed a winter coat desperately, and thanks to you and your gift cards, I was able to get one and let all the kids choose a small gift each for themselves.  Thank you sincerely and may God bless you all."

J. P. O'Keefe

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July 2014

The July Monthly Membership and Executive Board Meetings are cancelled.  Look for activities bulletins here on the website.

Our latest visit to distribute Helpful Hand Bags to local veterans was on May 23rd to Emeritus' Meadow Lodge Assisted Living in Chelmsford. Quite a few turned out for our sing-a-long!

July 2014

HHVF's Next Helpful Hand Bag Delivery. Announcement coming soon. Look for details on Events Page.

20 August 2014

Monthly Executive Board Meeting at the P.A.V. at 7 pm.

6 August 2014

Monthly Membership Meeting at the East End Club at 7 pm.

11 September 2014

HHVF will participate in a special flag dedication remembering 9/11 at the Lowell Senior Center. Details on Events Page.