To Date we have 50+ Members

Roland C. Cartier Jr.

Pierre Beaumier

Thomas Daugherty

Sandra Pereira

Joseph Mello

Paul McMaster

​Debra Thibault

Michael Roberts

Laura Pidgeon

William Pidgeon

Founding Members of HHVF


Joseph is a founding member of HHVF. He is always willing to do whatever is needed. Joseph served in the National Guard. Joseph is also acting Chaplain for our group and has knowledge of what veterans need.


Jim is a Massachusetts native, USAF Veteran and UMass Lowell Alum. Jim lives in Lowell and has travelled the world. Jim has three children, six grandchildren, the extended family and HHVF to keep him busy.

Michelle Cartier -- SECRETARY

Michelle is a lifelong resident of Lowell, MA. She has served as Secretary since 2014. Although never in the military herself, as the wife and daughter of a veteran she is well aware of the support and services required by veterans.


Gordon resides in Dracut. Gordon brings in a diverse background of work and volunteer experience. He served as a platoon and tactical sergeant in the Army Reserve National Guard -- 1966-74.

Roland C. Cartier Jr, --DIRECTOR

Roland is a Navy Vietnam veteran and is well-known in the Greater Lowell, Massachusettts area as an advocate and activist on homeless and veteran issues. After working ten years with the VA he is currently employed as a Veterans Peer Specialist with Community Teamwork, Inc.



 Founded: 13 July 2013

Director: Roland C. Cartier, Jr.

Organization: Non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c) (19) dedicated to veterans services with open to the public membership and an annually elected Executive Board.


     Since our founding date, the Activities Directors at all local Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers have been given pencils, cribbage boards, playing cards and puzzle books that were purchased under our Helpful Handbag Project expenses. We have paid $70/monthly for our 8' x 10' bin at the Boott Mills Mini Storage. We have lost some members and gained new members who have contributed by being involved in our Helpful Handbag Project, Annual Fundraisers and Special Events and Ceremonies throughout our community and our Adopt-An-Island Parks. Most recently, we were invited to Northwood Rehab Center for a Veteran's Day sit-down dinner. While we were there, we passed out our donations of socks, blankets, t-shirts, hats, etc. from our contributors of 2016. We thank all of the contributors who have assisted us over the years in helping the veterans in our community with their needs. Everything this organization does is to achieve our mission, 'One Aim, One Mission, Serving Our Veterans'. None of the members of this organization receive any payment for what we do for those veterans. If you ever want more information of have questions regarding this organization you are welcome to call our Director at 978-237-1487; email at or write to us at Helping Hand Veterans Fund, 433 Lakeview Avenue, Lowell, MA 01850.

What We’re Doing