Generous patron of Cobblestone's in Lowell

June 2015

     Roland's shipmate Bill Henson Sr. and his wife Connie Henson came to visit the weekend of June 12-14. Roland and Bill have not seen each other since 1973. Bill and Connie wanted to bring Roland and I (Michelle) out for a nice dinner the night of June 12th (night before our wedding). We went to Cobblestone's in Lowell. Roland and Bill were strolling down memory lane remembering the good 'ol days. There was a gentleman seated near us that was looking over from time to time during the conversation. I have to admit I went into alert-mode instantly expecting something bad, as many veterans do not get the respect they deserve. I was pleasantly surprised by what

happened and have learned not to judge a book by it's cover

or judge too quickly. That gentleman had finished his dinner and

went to leave. He had stopped on his way out and handed our

waitress a $50 bill to go towards our bill and this note. I guess

this gentleman had thoroughly enjoyed the memories Roland

and Bill were reliving and wanted to thank them for serving. We

are hoping that this gentleman sees this message. We would

like to thank you for your generous gesture of appreciation. 

What you did has left a huge impact on all of us and we are

very grateful and the men are proud to have served for our 


From the LETTER TO THE EDITOR section of the Lowell Sun

April 2015

     Thank you to Roland Cartier from "Helping Hand Veterans Fund" ( for coming to Willow Manor and educating our staff on the benefits and opportunities for support from both the Veterans Administration and numerous other veterans organizations.

     Genesis HealthCare is a proud member of the We Honor Veterans program. The program is focused on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement of our nation's veterans.

Libby Cullerot, Administration

Jayne Thompson, Recreation Director

Willow Manor Nursing Home in Lowell


From Brian Hodge (Helped with our Emergency Assistance Program):

March 30, 2015

Dear Helping Hand Veterans Fund,

     Having been raised in an Irish-Catholic family, my parents continuously reinforced the idea that I should take care of myself and be independent. Since my above the knee, left leg amputation in January 2014, I have found out that from time to time you need to ask for help.

     Helping Hand Veterans Fund made it easy to ask for the help I needed. I had been on the waiting list for a handicap accessible apartment with Lowell Housing Authority for 15 months. Your Emergency Assistance program gave me the money I needed to get into that apartment. If it was not for that program, I would have ended up at the bottom of the waiting list and another 15 month wait.

     Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. Now I can come and go as I please in my wheelchair and socialize with others in my age group. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Brian T Hodge

​former USAF SSGT.